Travelling Namibia: The Germany of Africa

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Namibia had been on my travel list since I met a Belgian girl who’d lived there for 8 months and described it as “Africa for beginners”. With the other continents visited it was time to see some of Africa. Earlier in the year I’d spent a week in Morocco and then a few days in Cape Town. However, the first is more Arabic Africa whereas the other has a very European feel to it. I flew to Windhoek, the capital, and while it’s a big city it also immediately felt more African. And very German! Continue reading

Easter Island: Or how I met stray dogs and tried to lose them

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Easter Island. Isla de Pascua. Rapa Nui. One of the most remote places on the planet featuring an unusual mix of Polynesian and Latin American cultures. It’s on a lot of people’s bucket lists and rightly so. Not least because of the mysterious giant stone figures known as Moai. However my memories of the island are somewhat different. Continue reading

Torres Del Paine: The Big W

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With my preparation complete it was time to head to the national park. Torres del Paine is about 2 hours drive from Puerto Natales. It normally costs 18,000 Chilean Pesos to enter (about £15-20), however that day was free for everyone! After signing all of the forms to enter the park, everyone boarded shuttle buses going to the three starting points; Las Torres, Paine Grande or Administración. I decided to go West to East, so I could finish at the famous towers, which also involved a ferry (and an extra 15,000 Pesos). The long wait for the ferry made me think twice about camping. It was about 11am and I was already freezing! Eventually we travelled across Lake Pehoé and I got my first taste of the spectacular scenery I would be treated to over the next five days. Continue reading